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About Texas Precision Painting

Proudly Serving The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, TX, and the Surrounding Texas Suburbs


Texas Precision Painting, LLC was built on trust and is quickly becoming the preferred residential painting company in the Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. We strive to provide competitive pricing while still upholding our promise to deliver the best possible customer service while using only the best paints and materials on the market.

After working in the industry we noticed there was a gap that other companies were missing or unwilling to fill. We want to create a community that can best serve our employees, subcontractors, and most importantly customers. By giving our employees and subcontractors the best work and life balance in the industry. Our customers deserve a tailored experience to fit their needs and best represent their desired expectations of quality work and materials.

Cody has been in/around the construction industry his whole life, growing up with a father that developed real-estate he was taught to do just about everything. After working in the painting industry for 5 years he decided it was time to branch off and start his own painting company using all the experience and knowledge he had gained.

“I always knew I would be in the position to own my own business and had grown great relationships with vendors and contractors alike in the painting industry”.


Meet Saniell, a seasoned professional in the paint industry, known for his exceptional sales acumen. Working as a store manager for Sherwin Williams he has an understanding of clients’ needs and offering tailored solutions. With a passion for colors and coatings, he’s become a trusted expert, guiding clients to the perfect paint solutions for their needs. Off the clock, he’s a true thrill seeker, finding adventure in various sports and activities. Whether it’s playing basketball or skydiving, he craves that adrenaline rush. Saniell is also an avid sports enthusiast who spends weekends cheering for his favorite teams and sharing the excitement with friends. His dual passion for sales and sports makes him a dynamic and engaging individual, both in the industry and on the field.

Tyler attended the University of Houston Downtown and graduated in 2021 earning his Bachelor’s of Business Management. Throughout his time in college Tyler was working in the painting industry prior to joining his brother, Cody, in his new venture. Applying his textbook and real-life experiences Tyler brings a valuable perspective to the team.
In Tyler’s free time he likes to be outside; walking the dogs, hiking, mountain biking, and enjoying his afternoon coffee on the patio.

**Tyler unfortunately no longer works with TPP and has since pursued a career as a “high school statistics teacher”. Tyler still holds a place here on the about page because of his dedication to helping grow TPP over the last few years.**

Our Core Values


Embodying a culture of courtesy and consideration, we at Texas Precision Painting prioritize respect in all interactions. From clients to crew members, our commitment to respectful communication fosters positive relationships and a harmonious work environment.


Our team’s dedication to excellence defines our services. Through meticulous craftsmanship and superior materials, we consistently deliver exceptional results. Quality is not just a standard; it’s a promise that guides every painting project, ensuring lasting satisfaction for our clients.

Dedicated to perfection

Pursuing perfection is our character. From estimates to final touches, our unwavering dedication fuels a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. This commitment inspires us to go beyond expectations, creating masterpieces that stand as a testament to our passion for perfection.


Upholding the highest standards, we operate with integrity and transparency. Texas Precision Painting‘s commitment to honesty and fairness extends from client interactions to business practices. Honorable in our dealings, we build trust and long-lasting partnerships, ensuring the reputation of our company is as solid as our craftsmanship.