Types of Exterior work


Siding & Soffit/fascia

When it comes to painting your homes exterior we use only the best paints on the market to give your homes new paint the best durability and finish. Painting of the Siding & Soffit/fascia can be done either by hand (roll & brush) or sprayed.


One of the biggest misconceptions in the residential repaint industry is that "you don't need to paint stucco". We hate to break the bad news but stucco in fact does need to be repainted regularly to uphold its structural integrity. Painting of stucco will be done via a Overlap spray and back roll application using only the best masonry primers and paints.


Much like stucco painting brick is a much larger process then most customers anticipate. We start by cleaning all the brick via a pressure wash, caulk all your windows and prime/paint all brick with only the best masonry primers and paints on the market.

Decks and Pergola staining/painting

Siding/Stucco Repairs

When it comes to exterior repairs we have teams that have all the tools to do small siding/trim repairs to entire home resides. We also specialize in stucco patching and texturing.

Pressure Washing

Single handedly the most important ingredient to a great paint job. We pressure wash your entire home the day before we begin any prep work and painting to ensure we have a clean and dry surface for paint to bond to.


Allow the professionals at Texas Precision Painting to help you with your next exterior painting project

Choosing Colors

We at Texas Precision Painting know it can be stressful to pick colors and we know not everyone is an interior designer. We see thousands of homes each year and work closely with designers and paint companies like Sherwin Williams. If you need help picking paint colors, we will be there every step of the way. We do recommend color samples so that you can best visualize your home is all aspects of the day/night.

Pressure Wash

The first step to any great painting process is pressure washing your home. Our goal is to wash your siding, stone and stucco by removing any mildew, dirt and grim from all surfaces we plan to paint.


Once your home is clean its ready to be recalked. We completely recalk every single joint on your home including all windows and doors prior to painting.


Ever hear the saying “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail?” well we take prep very seriously and fully prepare the exterior of your home by covering all areas that are not meant to be painted. Prep includes covering all windows with plastic/masking liquid, protecting plants and furniture with drop cloths and lastly covering concrete, brick and patios with plastic or drop cloths to prevent any paint spills.


Texas Precision Painting does all types of siding, trim and stucco repairs. Whether it’s a small patch/replacement or an entire side of your home that needs replacing.


We use only the highest quality Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr Paints around to provide you with the best possible finish, durability and feel. Most painting will be done by Spray/roll and brush. We have specific processes for all surfaces and we will happily go into more detail of those processes at the time of the estimate.

Clean Up

At the end of every work day we will clean up all of our trash, clean up your yard, close the paints and wash our brushes. At the end of ever project Texas Precision Painting will remove all paper, plastic and trash from your home, ensure your yard is free of any nails or debris and place all your furniture back in the same position we found it in.


Lastly a final walkthrough will be done with the owner and the customer to ensure all areas were properly painted and have been completed to the customers and Texas Precision Paintings standard. Our work is backed by a 5 –Year Limited Labor Warranty.